Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Three times delegates tonight sought to tighten rules limiting any witness action that brings non-delegates into the bar of conference. This has only happened in previous General Conferences when the delegates have voted to retain anti-glbt language. Once the vote—which has always been close, revealing that the church is not of one mind regarding this issue, even though some might think we are in agreement because of the resulting lines in the Book of Discipline, those who are most impacted by the anti-glbt vote gather to grieve. Walking into the room is like walking into a triage center. There are wounded souls, broken hearts, and crushed spirits.  Straight people and glbt people ache in mourning for a church that has decided to amputate a part of the body of Christ.
The view of the plenary floor
In the midst of the weeping and praying, the dry, brittle bones begin to reattach in profound ways. We are reminded that crucifixion is never the end of our journey, but the Easter promise of resurrection is always available to us. And it is out of this resurrection spirit that a plan for witness arises. 

After denying a whole group of people a place at the table, the least the delegates could do is sit through a witness that seeks to restore relationship.  Yet, many delegates do not want to be “forced” to sit through such a witness. After causing pain, they do not want to have to see that pain on the faces of those they have just voted on.
Really, church? Is that what Jesus would ask of us?


  1. thx for your post...it is quite insightful and spot on...sadly, GC once again becomes a closing of hearts, minds, and doors. but, then, it is difficult to expect anything other. ugh!

  2. Another sad day for the GLBTQQ community. Well, I don't think this is going to stop our Gay Pride parade, but it will strengthen the meaning of it!
    (Jane from Glide Memorial church)