Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The BART Unplugged Experiment: Day One

Monday, August 8, was the first day of commuting without being attached to my iPhone. For my entire commute to work, my iPhone stayed in my bag. I didn't text anyone, didn't check emails, didn't listen to music, didn't play a game, didn't even (gasp) call my mother. Instead, I listened to the sounds around me, looked out at the passing scenery, took glances at my fellow passengers, and even took a quick nap. Ah...so this is commuting life without technology.

Until I saw the bed bug sign.

Taking time to look around at the BART car, I saw the ad "Got Bed Bugs?". Ewwwwww.

Those "Got Milk?" commercials are cute. Good looking celebrities (often with their kids) display those tell-tale milk moustaches, making me wish I had a tall cold one.

But "Got Bed Bugs?"  Talk about bad ad placement. I looked around at my BART seat and got a little nervous.

Now I wonder if, in addition to keeping my iPhone stashed, if I also have to stand for the duration of my commute...

1 comment:

  1. Karen,

    I love this. My commute is by definition a working one (I take a wifi shuttle that allows me to spend fewer hours in the office), or else I'd join this with you. I'm always looking for an excuse to unplug, for the reasons you described in your post announcing this challenge. Please continue to report on what you notice, as you remain non-virtually connected.

    That bed bugs ad is so wrong. You may never sleep on BART again.